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About Loving Hut

Peace begins on your plate

The vision

Loving Hut is created with the vision that all beings can live in peace, love and harmony with each other. We believe that a plant-based diet is healthier, more compassionate, and is the only sustainable diet for the whole planet.
Loving Hut is one of the largest families of vegan restaurants in the world. We have more than 200 outlets in major cities all over the world, with international locations spanning across multiple countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Visit our international website for locations around the globe.
The largest families of vegan restaurants in the world.

The cafe

Perth’s Loving Hut is a Cafe offers a range of purely plant-based (vegan) food, lovingly prepared and served in a beautiful, friendly and tranquil atmosphere. Our staff will always receive you with a friendly smile. You’ll be able to find us in Northbridge, Victoria Park and Fremantle, as with our plant based pizza company Peace’za.
We use as much organic vegetables and non-GMO products as possible, so our customers can have natural, healthy and delicious meals. Gluten Free and Raw dishes are always available as well.
The Cafe holds a mini mart offering unique vegan products. On our shelves are also products we manufacture ourselves- the dairy free cheese Notzarella, as well as Loving Hut Perth’s very own Frozen Vegan Pies and Vegan Spreadable Cheese.We warmly welcome you to try our alternative, sustainable men
See you there!